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Oxford Silk Phage Technologies
Harnessing Ancient Solutions to Meet the Challenges of the Future
OSPT is pioneering a unique antibacterial biomaterial technology combining silk and bacteriophages, offering solutions for the growing problem of surgical implant/wound infections, in the largest medical unmet needs.

40% healthcare infections are associated to surgical implants. 80% of non-healing wounds present biofilms. 70% of bacteria are resistant to at least 1 commonly used antibiotic. 10 million deaths by infection each year are predicted by 2050.

Antibiotic resistance is the world's biggest threat to global health.

The need for surgical implants is increasing with the aging of the population and growing obesity worldwide. 
The increasing use of synthetic implants is leaving patients at higher risk of infections, requiring extensive hospitalisation with antibiotic treatments, which are inefficient for a growing number of patients due to antibiotic resistance.  
Consequences are high morbidity, mortality and reduced quality of life for patients. Costs to the healthcare systems are significant with in UK, each implant infection costing on average £10k and in the US, costs estimated to $3.5b to $10b each year.

Founded in January 2020 in Oxford, England, OSPT combines the long-term expertise of clinicians, entrepreneurs and scientists with a common passion to develop superior, natural antibacterial biomaterials  which will help people live more actively and longer.

Infections are ubiquitus in healthcare settings and OSPT's novel biomaterial has limitless application potential. 
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