VST has made Hemodialysis, a clinical challenge affecting 2.8M, 
its priority application
Fibrosil, VST's first product under development, is a hemodialysis graft sutured to the patient's own vessels, for patients with renal failure, who need a reliable, off the shelf method of extracting their blood for dialysis.
A growing number of patients worldwide, rely on hemodialysis to survive
Connecting a patient's native vein to an artery is the current gold standard
Native veins require several months before they are ready for hemodialysis
A growing number of hemodialysis patients do not have suitable native vessels or have exhausted their native vessel options
of catheters, used in most cases where patients need immediate dialysis, get infected.
of synthetic grafts  fail    1 year after implantation, if no additional surgical intervention is carried out
of prosthetic grafts  used are biological grafts, due to weaker mechanical strength, lower handling properties and prohibitive costs
There is currently no ideal off the shelf blood extraction method for  patients who need urgent hemodialysis or cannot use their native vessels
VST is aiming to offer this growing hemodialysis patient
population a reliable, off the shelf alternative to native vessels
VST's graft also shows great potential as an immediate
cannulation graft, to replace high risk catheters in emergency hemodialysis.